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In times of transition, we all need a place to stay, a place to call home. Why hassle with buying, moving, setting up and then having to move, store, sell or discard furniture when you are done with it, when you can rent furniture from Ambassador Rental ? Cost-effective, convenient and hassle-free, furniture rental is the smart, flexible alternative for times of transition.

There are plenty of benefits of renting furniture as against buying it outright.  

1.   Save Money. Why pay a substantially larger amount of money to buy furniture when you have need of it for only a short time? Furniture leasing or renting should cost a small fraction of the money required to buy. In essence, you are only required to pay for the use of the furniture for a short period of time versus acquiring ownership on a capital basis that is practical only for a long-term period of time. In simple language, anyone who needs furniture for a period of time up to approximately two years is much better off in leasing than buying, based upon dollars.

2.   Avoid the hassle of new furniture. Furniture purchased today, needed for a short period of time, may be very expensive at the termination of a short-term need. Do you sell the furniture at a substantial loss under a set forced-sale conditions? Do you ship the furniture to another destination at a substantial cost for shipping? Do you know whether or not your new abode, perhaps hundreds or thousands of miles away, will permit you to fit your furniture? What is the likelihood of damage in transit? Will damaged pieces, even though insured, require replacement time that would delay your settling into your new home before settlement could be made?

3.   Speed. We are usually able to make delivery within 48 hours from the time of placing the order thus assuring you of quickly settling into your new home.

4.   Availability. All of your furniture is available at once, and not slowly trickling in when purchased. We can show you the furniture on the showroom, so that you know that it is available for "instant" delivery to you, as need.

5.   Convenience. Disposal of unneeded furniture? Simply notify us approximately 3 working days days prior to the termination of your contract, and we will arrange to pick up the furniture, at your convenience.

6.   Budget. Since you select your own furniture in accordance with your needs and taste, you are in full control of setting the budget that you wish to expend for your home furnishings.

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